Creative & Cultural Sector

Buckinghamshire offers a diverse range of creative and cultural activities to its residents and visitors, enabling them to explore our heritage and history; our built and natural environments; our stories and those of the ordinary and extraordinary people that have formed and contributed to our county. 

With arts centres, museums, stately homes, festivals, beautiful landscapes, live performances, exhibitions, demonstrations, open studios, gardens, busy town centres, libraries and archives there are so many ways to get involved with creativity and culture.

Our particular context provides these areas of inspiration for arts and culture:

  • We are the birthplace of the Paralympics – and want to champion access and inclusion
  • We are a place of story-telling – through the written word, film and special effects
  • Creative economy – we support a range of creative industries including Pinewood and independent makers
  • We have a range of different and historic market towns with extensive local networks – spaces that can be enhanced and brought to life with creativity and culture
  • We have a diverse and beautiful landscape that takes in the Chilterns, chalk streams and ancient woodlands – making the environmental agenda close to our hearts.
Queens Park Arts Centre, Town Centre Workshop

By working together, we can create innovative new experiences and opportunities for people to engage with creativity and culture and can secure greater investment and profile for Buckinghamshire.  We imagine a future for Buckinghamshire that joins every resident to creativity and culture on their doorstep.

Below is a map of the creative and cultural venues currently existing in Buckinghamshire, between them they provide a wealth of opportunities for residents and visitors.