Arts, Heritage and Culture Inclusion Resources

Buckinghamshire Culture delivers a range of projects designed to support the creative and cultural sector in Buckinghamshire. We aim to both nourish and support our existing creative and cultural partners, and develop opportunities to embed creativity and culture into aspects of other sectors’ work, such as: education, health and wellbeing and placemaking.

Below, we have compiled a set of resources that organisations looking to improve their inclusive practice and accessibility might find useful.  Resources are split into several sections:

  1. Inclusion Resources
  2. Arts and Culture Training Bodies – Access and Inclusion
  3. General Inclusion and Access Training
  4. Safeguarding Training
  5. Mental Health Awareness Trainings
  6. SEND and Disability Awareness
  7. Unconscious Bias and Equality Training

1. Inclusion Resources

SEND in Museums website

COG Outreach Evaluation Resource

Sporting Heritage Access Toolkit

Signdance Collective online course, Accessibility in Theatre

Shape Arts resources

2. Arts and Culture Training Bodies – Access and Inclusion

UK Theatre

UK Theatre has a ‘Diversity and Inclusion Resource Library’, wherein which an organisation can find information on varying different inclusion topics, whether that be in relation to audiences, recruitment of staff or routes into the arts and culture industry, it can all be found here.


Artswork deliver a range of different training and development courses with a focus on work with children and young people –

Historic England

Historic England provide information about important aspects of our past, including: The Slave Trade, Black and Asian History, LBGTQ History, Disability and Women:

They also run webinars on inclusion:

Tonic Theatre

Tonic Theatre offer a wide range of half-day and full-day workshops and sessions that focus on equality, diversity and inclusion for organisations that operate within the cultural sector. More info can be found here – . They also offer consultancy whereby they will review and suggest improvements to an organisation and support them in things such as:

  • Supporting Creative Programming and Artistic Decision-making
  • Creating buy-in for Equality Action Plans
  • Implementing Organisational Values
  • Resolving leadership challenges on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Setting up a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

Zoe Partington

Zoe is a contemporary visual artist, creative consultant, and international advisor who provides a range of training opportunities and consultancy:

Shape Arts

Shape Arts offer a range of access and inclusion training:

3. General Inclusion Training

Limeade, How To Make Inclusion Real

CPD Online College, LGBTQ Awareness

LEAP CYP, Coaching

LEAP, Dementia Training

LEAP, Understanding CYP from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds

4. Safeguarding Training

NSPCC, Safeguarding

NSPCC, Safeguarding Children with SEND

NSPCC, Safeguarding Young Adults

CPD Awareness Training, Workplace Stress Awareness

CPD Awareness Training, Children’s Mental Health

5. Mental Health Awareness Training

IHASCO, Mental Health Awareness Training

High Speed Training, Mental Health Awareness Training

CPD Online College, Mental Health Awareness

RealSense, Mental Health Awareness –

LEAP Youth Mental Health, Youth Mental Health First Aid Overview

6. SEND and Disability Awareness

High Speed Training, Disability Awareness

Reed, Disability Awareness

CPD Online College, Autism Awareness

Future Learn, Understanding Autism

University of Derby, Understanding Autism

7. Unconscious Bias and Equality Training

Microsoft, Inclusion and Bias

CPD Online College, Equality and Diversity

High Speed Training, Unconscious Bias

High Speed Training, Equality and Diversity