Be Creative Bucks

Hear from creative and cultural people across the county, about what creativity means to them… you might be inspired to try something new or visit a favourite Museum or cultural venue. #BeCreativeBucks


Check out Signdance Collective, find local dance groups through the Bucks Online Directory, join in Open Weekend in July.

I enjoy working, touring, going all over the world with our amazing company!

Isolte Avila


Find gardening opportunities, learn about gardening with Bucks Adult Learning, explore Open Gardens, find out about Bucks Gardens through the Bucks Garden Trust.

I have learnt a lot about creativity through my gardening … its helped me to think differently and try different things.

Karen Mitchell

Want to find out more?

Visit The Roald Dahl Museum, and other Museums in the county – see some of them on the Visit Bucks website.

I get to work in the Museum of an incredibly creative person – Roald Dahl … I love his inventiveness as well, another side of creativity…making adaptations’

Natalie Wallace

Want to see more?

Check out the Festival of Light, Whizzfizzfest and join in Open Weekend in July.

I like to organise celebratory events … that process where we allow our imaginations initially run wild, dream of the impossible, and then once we have got that collective dream, we put that together, and that creative process is what’s really really thrilling’

Poonam Gupta

Inspired to create something?

Join a class at Queens Park Arts Centre, visit Wycombe Arts Centre or Bucks Craft Guild, learn something new with Bucks Adult Learning.

I am an artist because I think through making … my work is about stories and how they affect our daily lives. I am dyslexic and [art] enabled me to find my own voice

Tom Cross

Want to explore?

Get out to our Museums – such as Discover Bucks Museum, Wycombe Museum, Chiltern Open Air Museum or our National Trust properties.

If we think about what has sustained us through the dark days of the pandemic, I have a hunch it is our engagement with the arts. As we emerge from the pandemic we can discover the rich and varied offer which we have in Buckinghamshire. There is so much to see, to do and to learn

Elizabeth Howe

For Stories in many forms:

Visit Bucks Craft Guild, Whizzfizzfest, Garsington Opera, The Limelight, Aylesbury Waterside, Wycombe Swan or Wycombe Arts Centre.

London 2012 ceremonies – moments that resonate still, that help to define us as a society, or as individuals, or as a nation, or as a community.  So whether it’s a huge event like London 2012, or the many creative, crafts, cultural storytelling expertise and experiences that we share in Buckinghamshire, this is what creativity and culture means for me.

Bill Morris

Explore creativity:

To get the juices flowing – consider a course with Bucks Adult Learning, Queens Park Arts Centre, gather inspiration online, or just have a go!

First you need the courage – because the ultimate challenge with creativity is that you are going somewhere no one else has been before.

Eddie Obeng