A Pint of Chiltern Ale

Nominated by: Chris Wozencroft

Buckinghamshire is a unique place and, much like the Chiltern Hills, it is often overlooked within the UK.  One of my favourite aspects is the local beer.  People often talk about a Burton Bitter or a Munich Pilsner, but the people of the UK sometimes seem unaware of our home-grown, local and sustainable industry, which appears to be particular to Buckinghamshire.

Beer from this part of the world definitely has a particular taste and we have a wealth of local breweries who are producing world-class brews.  Several years ago my friends and I had a long summer evening with two German students who had cycled all the way from Heidelberg and had included the Vale of Aylesbury on their trip because of our famous ales. 

When I moved here, I ordered a pint of Chiltern Pale Ale on my first night in Aylesbury and have been a fan ever since. It was simply called Chiltern back then. This was 10 years ago and before the revival of craft beer and real ale, but Chiltern breweries have been doing it uninterrupted since 1980. 

We have refillable flagons [the Americans call them Growlers] which we can take to the breweries and fill with fresh beer.  Many of the breweries time the filling of their barrels specifically so the beer is as settled, yet as fresh as possible, for the Friday night weekend rush.  Its really nice to walk into a local pub in Aylesbury or whilst out cycling in the Vale and see a beer where I have met the people who brewed it.  I have started to see them on my travels in London, Manchester and even Scotland! 

When I speak to friends and relatives around the UK, so many of them don’t have any local breweries or the reusable flagon schemes which are very much the norm here, and they feel they are missing out. 

Maybe it’s just a Buckinghamshire ‘thing’?

To find out more about Chiltern Brewery, their beer and the brewery tap, The Kings Head in Aylesbury, please see their website.

Chiltern Ale was nominated by Chris Wozencroft, Forensic Civil Engineer. Chris moved to Buckinghamshire 10 years ago and now considers himself a local.