Boer War Memorial, Combe Hill

Nominated by: Emmie Herron
Image courtesy of the National Trust

The Boer War Memorial at Combe Hill, near Wendover was built in memory of the 148 men, from Buckinghamshire, who died in the second Boer war.  The Second Boer War started on 11th October 1899 and finished 31st May 1902 and it was won by Great Britain.  The memorial is located in Wendover on Coombe Hill and was built two years after the war, so it was built 116 years ago in 1904.  

In 1938 the monument was almost destroyed by lightning but later that year, it was rebuilt.  In 2010 on the 21st October, The Coombe Hill Monument was rededicated after substantial restoration work by Buckinghamshire County Council, the funds were raised by Coombe Hill Monument appeal committee.  The memorial is important to Buckinghamshire as it is one of the first and biggest examples of a war memorial, it honours the names of each man who died whilst fighting for their country.  It is very popular with the people of Buckinghamshire and tourists alike, it gets around 100,000 visits a year.

The Boer War Memorial was nominated by Emmie Herron, student at Bucks College Group