Castle Hill House

Nominated by: Keith Spencer

Castle Hill House is a much under-estimated and under-valued building – or should I say ‘buildings.’  It is really two buildings in one, reflecting two distinct periods of Buckinghamshire history.  At the back is the original building – a fine example of a 17th century brick farmhouse (now whitewashed, just visible in the picture) complete with living-space in the ‘attick’ and a gorgeous red-brown, clay-tile roof.  The flint-covered, slate-roofed front reflects the very different times and aspirations of Georgian England.  It was added to overlook, and impress, the inhabitants of High Wycombe who (in the days before the railway) would have looked up to the building and its inhabitants, both physically and metaphorically.

More recently, Castle Hill House has become the home of Wycombe Museum and visitors can enjoy the Museum, the building and its gardens, complete with the enigmatic “mystery mound”.

As a relative new-comer to Buckinghamshire, with no previous ties to the county, I particularly enjoy trying to imagine the generations of people who have lived in Castle Hill House and how they reflected the changing times in the county.

You can find out more about Wycombe Museum on their website.

Castle Hill House was nominated by Keith Spencer, Buckinghamshire resident.