Cliveden House

Nominated by: Gabby Logan MBE

My first experience of Cliveden was through the story of Christine Keeler and the film Scandal, since then I have learnt much more about the house.

Then, when I was still living in West London, my husband surprised me and booked lunch for us at Cliveden.  It was my 29th birthday, the most gloriously sunny perfect English day.  A friend of his was a helicopter pilot, so Kenny arranged for us to arrive by helicopter from London, it was spectacular.  We were met by staff at the river and driven through the grounds – just imagine arriving like that, the first time you see Cliveden with your own eyes.

Years later we moved to Penn, which is about 20 minutes by car to Cliveden and I began to frequent it regularly. I joined the National Trust and eventually, the club at Cliveden too.  

Whenever I have relatives staying from the North, I take them there. We have had Mothers Day, Christmas Eve and many birthdays there.  The drive to the main house takes my breath away every time, it evokes so many personal memories, and the history of the house makes adds another level of interest.

The clock tower is my favourite thing on the whole site, time moves on, but the beauty and splendour of this special house is constant. It is truly magnificent, one of the most glorious buildings in the whole country.

Cliveden House itself is a luxury hotel and spa, learn more on their website.

The gardens at Cliveden are looked after by National Trust and you can learn more on the National Trust website.

Cliveden House was nominated by Gabby Logan MBE. Gabby has presented for BBC Sport and ITV and now lives in Buckinghamshire.