Earthly Messenger

Nominated by: Suzie McGrath
Image copyright Des Blenkinsopp

For me, one of the most historical objects in Aylesbury is the David Bowie statue, created by Andrew Sinclair and installed in Market Square in 2018.  I chose this statue because Bowie was an international musician and his statue is placed in a small town commemorating the times he played here.  He debuted two of his albums at Friars gigs in the early 70s and revealed his Ziggy Stardust persona to the world in Aylesbury. 

When the statue was unveiled, the fundraisers and commissioners also raised a petition to change Aylesbury to ‘Aylesbowie’ in honor of the musician.  I think this was particularly important for the people who live in Aylesbury because he was one of the biggest stars in the history of music and made a huge impact on UK music as a whole.  

This is also the first ever statue of David Bowie.  The features are a likeness of Bowie in 2002 regarding a selection of his alter egos down the years, with Ziggy at the front.

Earthly Messenger was nominated by Suzie McGrath