Gardeners Scything in the Wilderness by Balthasar Nebot

Nominated by: Milly Soames DL

‘Gardeners Scything in the Wilderness’ by Balthasar Nebot is an oil on canvas painting created in 1738 held by Bucks County Museum.

In 1991 we moved to Buckinghamshire and rented a property on the Waddesdon estate.  It is called ‘The Wilderness’ and is the last remaining fragment of an enormous house built by Philip, Duke of Wharton 1698-1731.  We spent eleven happy years in the house and my children grew up building camps in the surrounding woods and running free in the large walled garden. ‘Gardeners Scything in the Wilderness’ along with ‘Garden & Main Parterre of Winchendon House’ by Peter Tillemans C1720, currently on display in the Georgian Room at Bucks County Museum, depict the house and gardens in the house’s heyday when hundreds of staff would have been employed to maintain its splendour.

We have such happy memories of living in The Wilderness.  It was a wonderful base from which we would sally forth to explore the Buckinghamshire Countryside and get to know and love the county.  The paintings remind me of those happy days and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to live there.

You can read more about Nebot’s paintings on the Bucks County Museum’s website.

Gardeners Scything in the Wilderness was nominated by Milly Soames DL. Milly is a Friend of Bucks County Museum and lives in Buckinghamshire.