Kings Wood

Nominated by: Student from Bucks College Group

What I have chosen to write about isn’t an object, but a place, but it is still a very loved place in my neighbourhood.

Kings Wood is a forest sat between Hazlemere, Totteridge and Mickelfield.  Kings Wood is an ancient woodland, which means it has existed since before the 1600s and has native plants and trees.

Kings Wood is important to me because it is where I spent most of my years growing up.  The seemingly endless pathways and trails made it the perfect place for a young boy to explore and play.  I developed my imagination creating dens and imaginary worlds.  I was excited by glimpses of native wildlife including badgers, foxes and deer.  I have never tired of the thrill of locking eyes with a wild animal just yards from my back gate. 

As I have grown, the ways I have used the woods have changed.  Nowadays I use them for bike trails and family walks with the dog.

The woods have great diversity and this is partly due to the history of human usage in the woods.  In the past bodgers worked in the woods making parts of chairs, which were assembled in High Wycombe.

Kings Wood is a very special to me as it hold memories of my childhood and, in a way, turned me into the person I am today.

Kings Wood was nominated by a student from Bucks College Group.