Marlow Bridge

Nominated by: Geoff Wood

I’d like to nominate Marlow Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in the county.  It has endured the ravages of time, the weather and traffic for almost 190 years and survived two world wars.  Although it spans the border of two counties, it is the sole responsibility of our new unitary council which undertakes all maintenance and upgrading works.

It was designed by an experienced engineer, William Tierney Clark, who went on to build its big sister in Budapest which spans the mighty Danube.  The Hungarian bridge was substantially demolished in 1944 and had to be rebuilt after WW2, and the other bridges in England by Tierney Clark are long gone, so Marlow Bridge is the last substantially original example of his work.

As a result of this link, Marlow is twinned or “bridged” (as we say in Marlow) with Budapest, which has resulted in many mutual visits and events, including hosted dinners at the Compleat Angler for the queen by the Hungarian president during state visits.  So, the bridge has also helped to foster international friendship and co-operation during the 20th century.

It is a beautiful structure best viewed in all weathers and at different times of day and night, and it is much loved and treasured by all Marlovians.

Marlow Bridge was nominated by Geoff Wood of the Marlow Society Executive Committee.

Marlow Bridge was also nominated by Ana Da Cunha Gomes, who writes:

Marlow bridge is an iconic structure in the county, it has been dealing with the weather and traffic for 190 years and has survived two world wars.

This bridge is cherished and loved by the county because it’s not just a bridge; it has a story; it’s been through many things; it even had a family.

It was designed by William Tierney Clark, he was an experienced engineer, he went to Budapest and built the sister of Marlow bridge but it was destroyed in 1944 and after World War Two (WW2) it had to be rebuilt.

Much of William Tierney Clark’s work in England doesn’t exist anymore, meaning the Marlow bridge is the only thing left by him.

As the Marlow bridge is the sister of the Budapest bridge, people from Hungary come and visit, as it means a lot to them just as it means a lot to Buckinghamshire

It has a beautiful view in any sort of weather, and at different times during the day