Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Nominated by: Jasmine

In 1948, sir Ludwig Guttman organised a sports competition involving world war two veterans with spinal cord related injuries in stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, England.

The Paralympic games is the second largest multi-sport festival in the world, the games are a periodic series of international multi-sport events involving athletes now with a whole range of disabilities. The ninth international stoke Mandeville game, considered the first Paralympic games took place from the 18th to the 25th of September 1960 in Rome, six days after the closing ceremony of the Olympic games.  Since the games began back in 1960 there have been 15 summer games held in 13 different cities and 11 winter games which have been held in 10, here are just a few of the cities the Paralympics games have been held in: Rome, Tokyo, Toronto, Atlanta, New York, Beijing, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris and LA.

Stoke Mandeville Stadium was nominated by Jasmine, student at Bucks College Group