Waterfall Geometric Mural

Nominated by: Teakster

This item is import to me because it was one of the first murals that I created with the local community. It is on the wall of the Easton Street Car Park in High Wycombe. Community art, especially murals, is a strong and effective tool to inject life into abandoned public spaces. Collaborative mural projects can establish or reinforce a sense of place and distinguish communities from neighbouring areas. Art has the power to connect people without being hindered by language, race or religion.

The mural is dedicated the diverse cultures living in Buckinghamshire. From businesses owners to healthcare workers, it symbolises the positive effect that people from different ethnic backgrounds can bring to a community. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences, which may be of benefit. A variety of skills and experiences among the community also means that everyone can learn from each other.

Murals are important as they can be used to revitalise forgotten or abandoned sections of the community.  The Mural was created with the assistance of the local youth groups. Working alongside them meant that the process simultaneously honoured community memories while creating new shared memories.

People care about public places they use when they are emotionally connected to them, and this can contribute to the sustainable use of public spaces. Community murals, designed to represent shared memories and cultural heritage, can forcefully speak to an area’s past, present and future identity. This mural has become community centrepiece that brings people together to celebrate the heritage and history of their home.

The Waterfall Geometric Mural at Easton Street Car Park was nominated by Teakster, Buckinghamshire-based artist.