The Beaconsfield 12 Poplars

Nominated by: Eddie Obeng

They are majestic and magical, the 12 Poplars of Beaconsfield. Standing, head, shoulders and waist above all the other trees in Beaconsfield.  Waving ‘welcome’ in clear view from ridge in Penn and the top of Jordans.  Whistling in the wind, the first rays light them up at the start of the day and they burn golden-red at the end.  In winter their skeletons frame the grey skies.  At the close of a walk or run, seeing them standing tall and protective over our town they encourage and promise, “You’re nearly home”.

Sadly, there are now only 11, as a result of development ignoring a Tree Preservation Order.

The 12 Poplars can be found at this location 51.611880, -0.657790

The 12 Poplars of Beaconsfield were nominated by Eddie Obeng, best selling author, business educator and inspirational speaker. He is a thought leader in Leadership, Innovation and Change. Eddie and his wife are proud residents of Buckinghamshire.