The Memorial Gardens, Old Amersham

Nominated by: Michelle Catanach

The Memorial Gardens, located in Old Amersham, were opened in 1949 to commemorate the fallen heroes of the first and second world wars. These formally designed gardens comprise a recently cleaned WWI war memorial and WWII plaque, the former having been originally situated in the adjacent churchyard. In more recent years, the gardens have been further developed with the addition of The Peace Garden, a sensory garden, WWI replica models (two SE5a bi-planes, HMS Dreadnought, and a lone soldier), and the Queen’s rose garden (to commemorate her Majesty’s 90th birthday).

The gardens have become somewhat of a community hub with free well-attended band concerts throughout the summer, as well as an area of ecological interest, with traditional planting replaced with environmentally and sustainable pollinator plants. In full bloom, the gardens are stunning and awash with colour, buzzing with human and pollinator activity–even a kingfisher likes to pay an occasional visit to the pond!

These gardens are important for their historical significance, as well as their social and environmental benefits.

The Memorial Gardens of Old Amersham were nominated by Michelle Catanach