The Tawny Owl

Nominated by: Denise Lewis OBE

Bucks is a simply wonderful environment in which to live, work and especially to bring up a family. Down here in the south of the county we are super convenient to the big city and so many travel options, and yet what appeals most is our unique, and still tranquil natural world. We have so many areas of outstanding natural beauty and I often think of Bucks as a giant lung that helps the South East of the UK to breath.

Every spring, the country side around me seems to be re-born and in the tough times we’re all coping with right now, our family are appreciating what nature is giving us even more. The first visit of a butterfly each year is a reason to celebrate, and we love looking out to the common nearby early in the misty spring mornings to see the muntjac deer. But most eloquent of all – and therefore my Bucks “Object” is something I’ve never actually seen!

Every spring, after the clocks change and it gets dark later in the evenings, I keep the windows open at dusk, listen carefully, full of expectation, and I’m thrilled to say that he`s back. Such a distinctive call – haunting, sometimes musical, sometimes more discordant, but the nightly call of our local tawny owl is such a symbol of hope and reassurance. One of these evenings perhaps I’ll get to actually see him, but for now I’ll settle for his nightly call which, for me, demonstrates the beating heart of Buckinghamshire DNA.

If, like Denise,  you want to see as well as hear Tawny Owls and Barn Owls, they are often visible amongst the wide range of wildlife at the Natural Trust park and gardens at Stowe.

Or get involved to help the county’s Owl population to thrive with an Owl Box.

You can hear the distinctive hoot of the Tawny Owl or the screech of a Barn Owl via the Woodland Trust website.

The Tawny Owl has been nominated by Denise Lewis OBE, Olympic medallist and Brocaster. Denise is a proud resident of Buckinghamshire.