Waddesdon Manor Gardens

Nominated by: Jennifer, Ellie, Jenna and Amelia
Image courtesy of Waddesdon

Waddesdon was created in the late 19th century.  Since this time members of the Rothschild family have taken it in turns to enhance and nurture the aesthetics and conservational value of the estate.  Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild created a garden of beauty and wonder. Today, this magic lives on.  The gardens are still renowned for their treasures and, with acres of landscaped grounds to explore, there are plenty of delights to discover and adventures to be had – at every twist and turn.

If you visit Waddesdon, you will find several walks suitable for most abilities – or you can just enjoy the scenery at your leisure. There is a variety of planting and different landscapes to enjoy.

From tiny tots to young teens, children are free to jump, swing, climb, skip and play all day long in the playground, which winds through the trees, making use of the natural environment to create a magical area. Little ones can play in safety at the bottom of the hill, with slides, swings and plenty of soft bark to land in. At the top of the hill is their bird’s nest swing, giant green slide, zip wire and other popular equipment.

There is also a rare example of a working aviary housed in an historical structure, restored to its full beauty and stocked with colourful birds. A must-see on your visit to Waddesdon.

Waddesdon Manor gardens were nominated by Jennifer, Ellie, Jenna and Amelia, students at Bucks College Group